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Sonya J. Miller-Smith

As with human medicine, veterinary medicine has progressed greatly in recent years, allowing us to treat many more serious injuries and illnesses than ever before. However, with better veterinary care available, the cost of tests, surgery and medicines can soon mount up, especially if your rabbit’s condition requires treatment by a specialist. As such, we strongly advise all rabbit owners to consider insuring their pet.

Rabbits can be very inquisitive creatures, getting into all sorts of scrapes the moment our backs are turned, and the end results can be very expensive. A broke leg resulting from being dropped can be mended, but the cost can easily run into hundreds of pounds. Having pet insurance means that you will never have to compromise on veterinary treatment for your pet, and never have to make the awful decision between having your rabbit put to sleep or allowing him to make a full recovery.

The choice of insurance companies and policies on the market for rabbits is still much more restricted than for cats and dogs, but it is growing. If you’re unsure about which to chose, please feel free to contact the surgery to discuss what sort of policy would suit you and your rabbit best.



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